Who am I?

Vesta MacIntosh

Owner of Vesta's Photography & Vesta's Guided Birth Support

As a mother to four vibrant children and a dedicated wife with a passion for capturing fleeting moments, I find immense joy in connecting with families to help them narrate their unique stories. The anticipation and excitement families feel as they await the arrival of their new baby inspire me to step in and create timeless memories for them to cherish throughout a lifetime.

With a foundation in Early Childhood Education, coupled with certifications in Doula services and newborn safety posing, my expertise allows me to focus my photography on the intimate moments of families during births as well as with their newborns and young children.

When photographing your baby and children, I am committed to taking the necessary time to ensure the best possible images are captured. My goal is to optimize your experience, providing you with cherished photographs to adorn your home. To maintain a stress-free and smooth session, I take the approach of booking only one client per day, allowing dedicated attention to detail and creating a memorable photography experience for your family.

My four children who bring me the most joy in life. Who teach me more in life every day and is my drive to purse my dreams